Equipment Hire

Rotary Kiln Services NZ Limited have a wide range of specialist equipment for short term & long term hire at competitive rates.



Welding Equipment

Welder – Lincoln 575 Vantage Diesel
Welder – Lincoln Air Vantage Diesel
Welder – LN25 Wire feeder
Miller Wire Feeder
Submerged Arc Welding Unit (Lincoln LT7 – DC600)
Submerged Arc Welding Unit (Lincoln LT7 – DC1000)
Submerged Arc Welding Unit (Lincoln LT7 – DC1200)
240V Chain Drive Oxy/Acet Pipe Cutter.
Tensioning Equipment
TX 2 cassette torque wrench & 4 inserts
TX 4 cassette torque wrench with 1 link drive
TX 8 cassette torque wrench with 1 link drive
TX 16 cassette Torque Wrench with 1 link drive
All LP heads for Cassette Drives
Hydraulic Torque Wrench 1½” Drive
Hydraulic Torque electric pump
400 Nm Hand Tension Wrench
960 Nm Hand Tension Wrench
Impact sockets 1/2″ drive
Impact sockets 3/4″ drive
Impact sockets 1″ drive
Impact sockets 1-1/2″ drive
Flogging spanners up to 2″ AF
Flogging spanners 2″ to 3-1/8″ AF
Flogging spanners  3-1/8″ to 4-5/8″ AF.
Hydraulic Jacking Equipment
240V Hydraulic Pump
Hand Pump
200 Tonne Jacking Cylinder
100 Tonne Jacking Cylinder
50 Tonne Jacking Cylinder
20 Tonne Jacking Cylinder
10 Tonne Jacking Cylinder.
Alignment and Measurement Equipment
Rotalign Ultra Laser Aligner
0-3000 Inside Micrometer
0-200 Outside Micrometer
200-300 Outside Micrometer
300-400 Outside Micrometer
400-500 Outside Micrometer
500-600 Outside Micrometer
600-700 Outside Micrometer
700-800 Outside Micrometer
800-900 Outside Micrometer
0-600 Vernier Caliper.
Field Machining Equipment
(40 mm – 600 mm) Portable Boring Bar 240V Hydraulic
Bore Welding Attachment
Facing Attachment
3 Axis Single Rail Milling Machine (1M Base – 415V Hyd)
3 Axis Gantry Milling Machine (1M Base – 415V Hyd)
1M Stroke Extension
2M Stroke Extension
3M Stroke Extension