Welding Services

Our team of highly qualified welding personnel can respond at short notice to repair kiln and mill shells cracks, to OEM specifications and weld procedures engineered by us according to metallurgical specifications and environmental conditions.


In addition, our capability extends to:
  • welding of alloy metals used in kiln tyres rollers and gears.
  • replacement of girth gear tangent plates.
  • replacement of kiln riding ring filler bars.
  • replacement of damaged sections such as in the case of necking or cracking inside riding rings.
  • in situ submerged arc welding.

Regardless of the size of your job, we understand the high cost to you of your equipment not being operable and we’re committed to always delivering the highest standards of quality and service.

We can also hire a large range of equipment and personnel including:
  • Welding supervision.
  • Tested welding personnel.
  • Diesel powered welding power supplies.
  • Submerged Arc units with capacities up to 1000A single or 1200A in parallel.
  • Flux core wire feeders.
  • 415V inverter welders.
  • 240V inverter welders.
  • 240V caddy welders.
  • 240V mini migs.
  • Power boards.
  • Cables and leads.